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Buying a brand is an important investment, done for improving the company's profits and equity. Finding the ideal brand and identifying the product sectors with the greatest growth outlets are the key activities that Brand Oasis can offer, with the goal of guaranteeing you full control of the brand.

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Aerobatic Flight Academy is a brand inspired by a refined product suitable for all ages with the idea of taking inspiration from the world of both civil and military aeronautics

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Monikaemme is a multipurpose brand that adapts to a female audience of underwear, sleepwear and can be customized at will

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Playmen, a cultural icon founded in 1967 by Adelina Tattilo, has shaped the Italian erotic imagination with glamor and elegance, distinguishing itself globally. Embodying refined sensuality, the magazine featured international celebrities, becoming a point of reference for a classy audience. The licensing opportunity offers you to associate your brand with Playmen's heritage, with the benefits of strong brand identity, access to a sophisticated audience and diversification of your product offering.
The licensing agreement represents a strategic partnership, with customized agreements, marketing and branding support, and close collaboration for mutual success. The invitation is to join Playmen on an exclusive journey, investing in a legacy of elegance, innovation and prestige.

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Well Dressed Vandals is a bold streetwear brand that blurs the lines between street art and chic. Created in the beating heart of New York, each piece of clothing carries with it a story of rebellion, creativity and individuality.

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The brand was born from an idea of a family of entrepreneurs who have been involved in both the textile and anti-counterfeiting sectors for many years. From this experience combined with a passion for innovation, technology and the web world, the Monoscope brand was born. An image recognized by all and never protected before, has now been deposited and cataloged in a set of logos and colors available in the style guide, the creation of which has been entrusted to a large Veronese group specialized in fashion design and marketing.

Monoscope is a modern and young brand but with hints of vintage capable of attracting even the older ones.

The study of the products and the selection of the manufacturing companies are almost complete and the brand will be officially presented starting from P/E 18.

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Founded in 1870 by John D. Rockefeller, Standard Oil soon became the largest oil company in the world, making its creator the richest man in America.

He invested a large part of his assets in coal mines, railways, insurance companies, banks and entrepreneurial initiatives of various kinds.

It is probable that if Standard Oil had not existed, the entire history of the 20th century would have had to be rewritten.

Standard Oil has been the soul and essence of the American fabric.

At the end of the Thirties, Standard Oil hired the great designer Raymond Loewy - who is remembered for the TWA logo, the Coca Cola bottle, the Lucky Strike cigarette pack - with the task of creating a Petrol Jacket with cape, in fabric waxed and waterproof for oil field workers.

The Pocket Jacket will be re-proposed with a revisited style and fabrics.

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STARTUP This brand is available on favorable terms!

Quisiama embodies youthful freshness and authenticity with a unique style. The name "Quisiama" plays with "here we love", promoting a sense of belonging.
Aimed at young people who want to express individuality and dynamism in clothing, it offers a range from casual chic to trendy accessories. With a vast selection, from clothing to accessories, it adapts to a varied audience.
Through select licensing, it collaborates to create high-quality eyewear, watches and perfumes. Founded in Capri, it draws on the island to inspire bright, colorful collections that tell stories of love and freedom.

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The MBPC (Miami Beach Polo Club) brand embodies luxury, sportiness and exclusive lifestyle, symbolized by a horse that recalls the prestigious sport of polo. MBPC is versatile, suitable for licensing in apparel, sports, furniture and cosmetics. The distinctive logo adds class and recognisability, and the brand continues to grow in popularity thanks to its unique combination of style and functionality.

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HOOLI is an English brand that always remains very close to sport and young people, preferring not only football, but also other sports (for example a Renault Megane was branded with the logos of the brand during the GT World Championship), without forgetting music , having become a sponsor of ROCK TV . Among the novelties in the Hooli house there is a line created only for e-commerce, where all lovers of bull terriers and not, will be able to find t-shirts, unique in their kind.

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This brand is available on favorable terms!

The brand enjoys international registration, also extended to China.

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The B.Cavalli brand was born in 1949 from the idea of Bruno Cavalli who 3 years earlier had started his own handmade footwear production business. The company contributed to the development of the footwear hub in Bologna, where other of the world's most famous names in the sector also sprang up and operated.

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The Brand

I Tiurai brand collections, launched in 2002, are the typical example of a modern entrepreneurship that successfully develops and perfects from season to season thanks to the ability of all the staff to know how to interpret and satisfy the continuous new demands of the markets.

The Target

The aim of Tiurai articles is to satisfy the target of a young woman (18-36 years) and in step with the continuous fashion trends, offering a medium priced product with a high fashion content.

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The Antonio Basile brand embodies a long-standing tradition of quality and style in clothing, inherited by the renowned designer and his family. With meticulous fabric selection and continuous innovation, the company creates unique and refined garments. Antonio Basile blends tradition and innovation, following the latest trends while maintaining classic elegance, making the brand ideal for international licensing.

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